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I Finally have been convinced to create my own YouTube Channel. So if you're into that sort of thing you can find Hippo Head Forge on the World Wide Web Airwaves.

    - Collin Sage

Looking To Place an Order?

Recently the business model has shifted away from selling product. There is no longer a Made To Order section. Custom orders can still be placed but rarely accepted. Don't let that stop you from asking but the Schedule has gotten so busy, any custom order would really need to be worth the time. So shoot me an email with what you are looking for and hopefully I can squeeze it in the schedule.

Thank You

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Collin Sage - Head Bladesmith

Louisville, Kentucky

For questions, concerns, or cuss words, leave a message for me here, shoot me an email, or send me a message on social media and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible.

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