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Hippo Head is happy to finally offer Damascus Steel Rings. Our Rings are made of 15n20-1095 Damascus that is at least 90 layers of steel. There are not any real "options" at this point so ordering is simple. All I need is your ring size and at least 50% up front. If you have a preference of width, let me know. If you have different dimensions you want me to hit I will do my best to accomplish that but remember everything is hand made. The steel is cut with a Waterjet CNC machine but I hand finish to the final dimensions so the final sizes will be close approximations.

Please Note:

The rings are not stainless steel. I do use several coats of jewelers sealer to keep them protected as long as possible but No coating will last forever. Please keep this in mind and maybe don't leave them covered in salt water if you can help it.

$250 Any size.
Just send an Email with the subject "Ring Order". Please have your ring size ready, we can resize to a larger size later but NOT smaller. We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm and get everything set up and rolling.

These rings are made from random pattern billets. This means that the end result of the design will be random. I can control this a bit but I cannot guarantee any specific pattern or to make any two rings look exactly the same. I also do NOT know what the pattern will look like until the ring is finished and at that time there is no changing the result. To make the surface pattern look different I would need to make a whole new ring that will need to be paid for. When sizing your finger please provide an accurate size. I can only adjust sizes larger (by removing material) and maybe one size larger at most. If the ring doesn't fit due to providing the wrong measurement and a new ring is required, it will also have to be paid in full. If the Ring meets the measurement provided by the customer then all sales are final. They are made to fit a specific person and "resale" simply does not happen. I am only one person and these are a lot of work.

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